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sypt.pngSouth Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive

Our Organisational Strategy has been substantial .... We are proud of what has been achieved - productivity has increased by 20% …. overall employee satisfaction by a staggering 27%. Creative Partners have played an integral part in our success - they offer innovative, practical and affordable solutions in all areas of Organisational Development....they have never failed to meet either our expectations or our challenging timescales!

Head of Organisational Development

barnsleyhos.pngBarnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Barnsley Hospital has been working closely with Creative Partners to develop and deliver a leadership programme to support identified talented individuals to make their next step into senior management. Creative Partners were chosen through their ability to work in close partnership and truly bespoke programmes not just re jig the old! Combining creativity, innovative thinking, action learning and leadership has equipped these managers to tackle the challenging agenda that the NHS faces in meeting patient hospital needs.

Assistant Director, Human Resources


New Economics Foundation

We have found Creative Partners to be challenging and innovative in their thinking, ready to debate, and to translate our requirements into practical outputs in the field, with timely delivery and professional manner. We look forward to opportunities for future collaboration.

Head of Connected Economies

uos.pngUniversity of Sunderland

We were looking for potential applications for our low cost robot technology in novel and unconsidered sectors. Creative Partners put the robot through a 'Virtual Ideas Factory' and generated real possibilities for us which we are following up. Some of the ideas used an element of humour to encourage lateral thinking, which in turn generated other possibilities. The overall output of the 'factory' added real value for us.

Business Development Manager

nde.pngNottingham Development Enterprise

Nottingham Development Enterprise (NDE) has retained the services of Gail Radka of creative partners to support development and deliver two separate OnBoard Community Leadership Programmes. Gail has done a superb job in acting as course Co-ordinator, developing and delivering various training sessions included within the six month course programme.The feedback from the course participants has been extremely positive ......

Chief Executive

ld.pngLearn Direct

The evaluations were excellent for this type of event. The follow up support by Creative Partners was also of the highest quality with detailed write-ups and analyses enabling the team to take forward the ideas generated and incorporate them more fully into the Business Planning process. I would recommend them to any work team needing to rejuvenate themselves.

Unit Manager

DFRS-Logo.pngDerbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

We used creative partners to develop and deliver a team learning workshop........The team found it to be an excellent learning opportunity which they enjoyed immensely. The learning activities really challenged the way we think and added real value for all of us....

Assistant Divisional Officer

johnlewis.pngJohn Lewis Partnership Plc

The course was a catalyst for personal change; I feel more focussed and a direct result is that I will shortly enrol for a degree course. My move into training is a reasonably new venture, so it was great finding out I am finally following the right career path according to the HBDI profile! Andy Radka of Creative Partners set up a thoroughly enjoyable programme which was well explained and supported by excellent courseware”

Assistant to Personnel Director

sch.pngSheffield Children’s Hospital

Evaluation clearly demonstrates that delegates who have participated on Gail's masterclasses reflect on their current practice, strengths and development opportunities whilst identifying opportunities to maximise growth and performance improvement. I strongly recommend Gail's measured and well informed approach and service orientation. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity.

Head of Learning & Development