Values Based Leadership (VBL)

Posted by admin on May 15, 2015

My top ten values based leadership thoughts and questions :


10  'where are the values sinkholes in your organisation'

9  'you are they for values to your team'

8  'are you really as ethical as you think you are?'

7  'managing by objectives must give way to managing by values'

6  'the standard you walk past is the standard you accept'

5  'the abscence of bad behaviour is not the same as the right behaviour'

4  'choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong'

3  'make your aspirational values your values in use' 

2  'make your company values pervasive

1  'understand the value of values'


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See what the Marking Guide says about essays that are competent.
If you ever are critical of the person you indicate your disapproval - This is simply not the way the word is employed listed here. A critical solution signifies you examine an issue carefully on the way described below. To be much more critical into your interpretation of the book, do not take what it says as necessarily true. Think about and evaluate the truth of what it says.
Just as argument . in relation to academic crafting like essays. does not mean a squabble, so 'critical' does not mean attacking.
Something is critical if it is characterised by careful analysis . as a sound critical estimate within the problem. Critical implies an attempt at aim judgment, so as to determine each merits and faults.
But there's a deeper meaning to it than this. Following Kant: criticism is questioning what we know in order to discover the truth. It is contrasted with dogmatism. which just lays down what is true, and with scepticism which just denies that we can know anything.
A tutor who told his students to "Criticise everything that moves" did not mean they should be nasty or negative about everything - He meant that instead of just accepting what you could be told, you should ask why, and try to choose the answers.
For example, why did Rousseau think that women should not be involved in politics?
The answer to this would involve understanding
what he thought reason is,
how he thought reason differs involving men and women
why he thought it differs, and
how he thinks this relates to the family and to politics.
If, in an essay on Rousseau, you explained those links, you would have written a critical rather than a descriptive essay. The reader would be able to see why Rousseau thought that women should not be involved in politics. As a result the writer and therefore the reader would be able to evaluate Rousseau's argument, rather than just say whether they agree or disagree with his summary.
o See what the Marking Guide says about essays that are critical.
o Click in this article for discussion about what a critical essay is.
In an essay title, criticise probably would mean you should give your judgement about the merit of theories or opinions or about the truth of facts, and back again your judgement by a discussion with the evidence. See critical
When you define something, you say what it is or signifies. A definition explains what something is or signifies.
The (very) old meaning of define was to bring to an conclude or finish. It was part in the settling of disputes. To define the extent of someone's land would be to settle exactly where the boundaries are. From this we have developed the meanings of describing. or explaining the nature, of something so that others can understand (as in "define what you mean") and interpreting or stating precisely the meaning of the word or phrase (as in "I will define what I mean working with dictionary definitions").
1 for the big problems about "define" in relation to essays is deciding when (if ever) to be dogmatic (For example "The family is mostly a social unit consisting of parents and children"). Something a good deal more elaborate than a dogmatic definition is usually required. From time to time the whole of an essay may be an exploration of your definition of issues by the authors you will be reading. This requires interpretation rather than dogma. below beneath dictionary and other definitions ]
To describe is to write down down. It signifies that we use words to convey what something or someone is like. A description of the book should leave you having a smart idea of what the book accommodates. A description is distinct from an evaluation. which would tell you the reviewer's opinion in the book. That is definitely, an evaluation will tell you the points about the book that the reviewer found proper, and those that he or she thought bad.
The effects of the questionnaire survey are descriptive. They produce a statistical picture within the subject surveyed. We want questionnaire gains to be descriptive, but in an essay we want alot more. We want the student's explanation from the facts.
Essays are descriptive and uncritical when they current facts and ideas with very little argument or interpretation. Theory. argument and critical evaluation are related. An essay that shows the theory behind the facts is critical. not descriptive. Without an analysis of theory it is absolutely not quite possible to evaluate a person's views. If a critical essay carefully delivers the textual evidence for that argument it makes, it is called properly supported, not descriptive.
See what the Marking Guide says about essays that are just descriptive.
When composing an essay. you may think it a superb idea to begin with the explanation (or definition ) of your terms chosen inside the title. Any time you do this, I suggest you take a look for that explanations (or definitions) from the books that the essay relates to.
Generally we think that there must be "real" meanings to words, or meanings that everybody agrees on, which by setting up from there, composing the essay will be simpler. A particular way students try to do this is by giving definitions from dictionaries.
It is standard perception make use of dictionaries to understand words. But, do not treat their definitions as a secular variety of dogma. Dictionaries try to give agreed meanings to words, but academic life is about competing meanings. It is about questioning meanings. We even argue about whether real meanings exist. Plato believed we could identify the real meaning to the concepts contained in words by by making use of our reason. Hobbes thought that the meaning of words has to be imposed on us by authorities.
In certain cases a dictionary will clearly show you that competing meanings exist - See the note on the stop of entry for idea.
However, a dictionary's meanings may not be the same given that the ones your essay should relate to. To avoid this problem, use dictionaries as an aid, for the unique benefit, but discuss, within the essay, the meanings that you just uncover inside the books that the essay relates to .
Usually your imagination and explanatory skills will be needed to discover and explain (interpret) what you think the book/s are saying about the topic.
Discursive - Padding - Rambling - Waffle - Wasted Words
Discursive . when applied to the style of producing, would mean rambling or wandering from point to point, and off the point. A discursive essay is, therefore, not focused. as an academic essay should be. Charles Lamb's literary essays wander all over the site - But an academic essay should keep to the point.
See what the Marking Guide says about essays that are discursive.
The root of discursive is conversation - So the word has meanings (as in discursivity ) that do not relate to style.
Waffling is talking or crafting inside a vague way without saying anything important - or without saying anything in the slightest degree. The following paragraph, for example, only wastes house. Any passage like this should be deleted:
My essay aims, principally, at bringing about a greater degree of understanding of this important subject also, the a great deal of factors that have made a very significant contribution to it. Before I commence, however, it is vitally important that I stress to the reader how nearly all, multitudinous and diverse factors must be taken into account listed here. Clearly I cannot cover all of these in this kind of a short area, so I will focus over the ones I believe are most important. Although it is my central and inescapable aim to concentrate primarily within the role of your concepts that have previously been outlined for us around the title, I will nevertheless acknowledge other factors.
Words may also be wasted in sentences that are othewise useful. Below the writer needs to edit out the wasted words and preserve the useful ones: "Although it is my central and inescapable aim to concentrate primarily around the role of science in evaluating the truth of fundamental and vital issues this sort of because the way we remain healthy, let alone alive, I will obviously will want, as clearly as potential, to demonstrate to the reader the role of other factors, this kind of as a clean and wholesome style of life, warm and comfortable housing with adequate house, sufficient nutritious food, general economic prosperity plus a positive outlook on life, with the aforementioned healthiness and vitality" Would possibly become: "In evaluating the role that science can enjoy in keeping us healthy, I weigh its contribution against 5 other factors: clean living, excellent food and housing, economic prosperity and also a positive outlook on life."
"One belonging to the distinguishing marks of clear and forceful producing is economy of style. Most words and phrases rarely include anything to your sentence. Avoid these whenever you can actually."
Some wasted words and phrases that he identifies are
It should continuously be remembered that it should be noted that it might be seen that Moreover, it happens to be previously indicated it is imperative that in the existing moment in time
Particularly . very . extremely . as it have been . moreover . basically . essentially . totally . completely . therefore . thus
It is absolutely not that this kind of word never serve a useful purpose, but that they are often an indication of padding - filling out an essay with emptiness.
Explain and Explanation:
To explain is to make plain, to make clear or intelligible. Explanations are important in academic creating and in science.
To explain the technical words you use, you will define them, or demonstrate that you just know what they mean.
As an essay term, explain is similar to interpret. An example of an essay title with explain in it is:
Explain what Rousseau meant by the general will
In an essay, providing explanations helps to change a descriptive essay into a critical a single. (See the example of Rousseau below critical ).
To explain something fully is to make all the links into your chain of thought clear
Create simply: A fine explanation is known as a clear a particular
Evaluate suggests give a value to something. In an essay title, this has a similar meaning to criticise. The title may be asking you to definitely evaluate an array of things in relation to an individual another. It may mean look and feel with the arguments for and against just one thing, and come to your reasoned judgement in the summary. In both of those cases, that you're being asked to your personal opinion, but you must back again this up with fact, examples and explanation.
In the Punch and Judy present, Punch may say a particular thing and Judy contradict him. Punch then hits Judy who hits him back again. Punch hits harder, Judy drops dead, the policeman arrests Punch, the judge sentences him together with the hangman kills him. Punch and Judy are equally dead. When people disagree they can resolve their differences by a "Punch up", with the possibility only of defeat or victory, or they can evaluate 1 another's arguments. When Judy contradicts Punch he could ask her for her reasons. He could then mentally weigh her arguments against his private by setting out, as fairly as he can, the logic of her argument. Which is an evaluation. It makes boring puppet shows, but interesting essays. An essay is evaluative, or critical, even if it just sets out the logic belonging to the argument made around the primary textual content. The student may explain her have opinion around the argument, but this is simply not essential.
A focus is the point at which several rays of light meet. An essay which is focused also comes into a point. Contrast focus with diffused. A room light is diffused due to the fact it has to light everything with the room. A theatre spotlight focuses for the actors. An encyclopedia article is diffused since it has to tell the reader as significantly as workable about the subject.
An academic essay should focus on precise points. Essays established for students usually indicate the points to concentrate on around the title. So, to check whether your essay is focused, primary check that the issues from the title are all clearly dealt with with the essay.
Click listed here for guidance on analysing a title, and an example.
See what the Marking Guide says about essays that are focused and those that are sharply focused.
Hi! I am not focused: Right here are some introductory phrases that may indicate the essay shouldn't be focused. They suggest the student has not opening with the analysis for the title:. The essay writer may just be wobbling into the question, or may be attempting in excess of the question requires:
"I will very first explain a bit about. " "I will begin with some background. " "First I will give some brief details on. "
Words like interpret and interpretation come from the French for explaining or translating. If someone says that "We initially accumulate knowledge while in the kind of relatively easy interpretations of our surroundings." it implies that we do a lot more than just observe our surroundings. In order to understand them, we should explain them to ourselves.
We may see a carrot as something red and pointed, given that the root of the plant, as something we can eat, as a symbol for sex or even as a baby area rocket.
Every single of these interpretations accommodates a number of our personal imagination, in addition as our observations, although several of them contain a bit more imagination than others.
As soon as you are asked to interpret a a book, extract or other piece of crafting, you want to bring out its meaning. Interpret is similar to explain.
Interpretation: To interpret an author you will need to put something of yourself into the interpretation. One particular person's interpretation of what Wollstonecraft usually means by reason. for example, will probably not be the same as another's. It is therefore necessary to reveal how your interpretation fits in with what Wollstonecraft (or whoever) stated. As part from the answer, you can easily (and probably should) say what you think about the issues the author raises. Before doing this, however, you should fully explain to your reader what those issues are.
Critical interpretation may be a phrase tutors see simple and easy to utilize but difficult to explain.
Being critical
may mean that you choose to have explained what you think about the issues the author raises.
It should not mean (or just mean) you have made an attack over the author or that you just have listed the author's faults.
It may mean that, as part of your 100 % explanation with the author, you have asked questions about the adequacy of some aspects on the theory.
It may mean that you choose to have drawn out implications from the theory. It could mean, for example, that in discussing what Wollstonecraft signifies by reason you have examined the implications for gender relations today.
The critical aspect of your critical interpretation should incorporate to the reader's understanding for the author rather than detracting from or praising the author.
The peacock flashes its colours forward
All the colours of your crafting should be displayed within your introduction
Introduction to an essay
The introduction to an essay tells the reader what to expect within the essay. The same applies to the introductions to reports, articles and other varieties of academic composing.
An introduction must tell the reader about your perform: (essay or whatever). If it does not tell the reader what you have done, it seriously isn't an introduction. - Make sure your deliver the results has all the aspects of the ideal introduction
An introduction saves readers (as well as markers) having to browse the essay twice, once to choose out what it is about and then the second time to evaluate it. The reader can concentrate on seeing if the writer fulfils the claims made around the introduction.
Composing a draft introduction before you initiate your essay will focus your mind, and help you to definitely be able to write a focused and structured essay.
As you proceed, the introduction will probably need to have re-drafting nearly all times. If your essay reaches a summary you will almost certainly improve the introduction by such as the summary in it.
The components of the solid introduction include:
an outline belonging to the order ( structure ) for the essay.
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