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Values Based Leadership (VBL)

See the Light - Feel the Heat?

Is it really this simple to get people to change behaviour? It appears to be so sensible and straightforward that it must be worth considering. You can convince people of the need to change by persuasion, coaching, development, influencing and leading. They may then 'see' the need and make the change. If not, can performance management and measurement apply some 'heat' to help facilitate change? Is it all about a flexible combination of seeing the light and feeling the heat which works - depending on the size of the change and the mindset of the individuals involved?

Strategic Confusion!

One of biggest mistakes made is to confuse strategic thinking with strategic planning. The first involves thinking and the second involves planning! Organisations may believe they are thinking strategically when they are really just going through the annual planning round.

Beware of Declarative Leadership!

Highly skilled managers in technical and professional roles are used to understanding what they do and how to do it. When it comes to leadership however they often get stuck at the declarative stage. They know the theory and what they should be doing but do not move into procedural or actual doing mode. They almost think it is enough to just know it all!

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